Val and Vic live on Oaklands. They moved to Oaklands-Grange from near Buxton in Derbyshire and say its the best thing they’ve ever done. “We wanted somewhere smaller and quiet” says Val. Vic had worked in the construction industry which meant trips to Lincolnshire from time to time and thought it would be nice to move to the area when they retired.

They had visited a number of parks and various shows but it was Oaklands-Grange they fell in love with. “We were amazed at how well kept the park was” says Vic. They bought their home, a 40x20 Dolben Lodge which was 2 years old in 2001 and Kelly their west highland terrier came too.

It’s so peaceful and quiet here and everything’s so handy. If we don’t want to drive the bus stop at the entrance of the Park will take us to Woodhall Spa or to Horncastle. The dog enjoys his walks on the beach near Sutton on Sea - its perfect for us.

We can stand in the kitchen and look out over the fields at the wildlife, the pheasants come calling and we sit watching the birds for hours.

Vic adds - Our Park Home is easy to maintain and its warm in Winter, we wouldn’t go back to bricks and mortar.

Val and Vic



When Sue and David who live on Grange Park moved from Rotherham to the haven of quiet that is Oaklands-Grange it seemed like heaven to them.

They liked Oaklands-Grange immediately so in May 2006, Sue and David took the plunge and bought their home, a 36x20 Hayden Classic and took to the lifestyle like ‘ducks to water’. Being keen cyclists a move to this part of the country has been ideal for Sue and David.

We’d had enough of cities, big towns and urban living” says David who’s a retired builder. “We longed for the quiet of the countryside. Living in Town was quite stressful. We’d looked at various parks local to us but they didn’t offer what we wanted. We’d visited this area with our caravan several times so we knew what the area was like.

Its clean and peaceful here, all the people around us are in roughly the same age group and what is so important is its safe and secure.

Sue and David
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